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We believe that the Christian faith isn’t just for when we are in Church; our faith informs every decision we make and every issue we face, every day of the week. At Thrive Today we want those who are seeking to grow in their understanding of what living as a Christian day-to-day means in their own lives, to have access to great biblical teaching aligned to a daily Bible reading commitment.

Thrive Deeper is a companion product to the Thrive Daily Reading Guide. You will need to have the current issue of Thrive to enjoy the full benefit of this resource. Thrive is a daily Bible reading guide that is produced every three months and is available in print or eBook format. In Thrive Dr Matthew Jacoby works through books of the Bible taking readers on a journey of discovery through the Bible that will help us get to know God better and align ourselves with His purpose for our lives.

Every 2 weeks (and at times weekly) we will upload a new episode of Thrive Deeper which will be a discussion around the past fortnights readings in Thrive.

Listen to the latest episode below:

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Thrive Perspectives is another resource from the ThriveToday network.  In this ongoing discussion we will consider the different worldviews, angles and mindsets around issues that shape our lives and faith experience. Join Dr Matthew Jacoby (author and teacher) and our host DJ Paine as they facilitate this discussion on a 2 weekly basis.

Listen to the latest episode below:

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